AMV клип / Weeaboo Peekaboo

Аниме: Mix
Музыка: One Ok Rock - Clock Strikes
Награды: Anime Weekend Atlanta Pro 2016 - Best Video and Best Technical
Автор: Shin
Жанр: Sentimental
Размер клипа: 117 Мб
Длительность: 03:55
Дата создания: 01.10.2016

Комментарий автора: I had a lot of hassles or other issues with this video. I wanted to steer away from cosplay and that area of fandom to try and differentiate this video from Otaku Paradise, and had other videos that have used live action to great effect that I didn't want to feel like I was doing something too similar either. I was orginally going to just do an old school toonami anime nostalgia trip and remembered the The Absolution Flies On did that so I needed to change the scope to avoid that as well.
Also, being limited to stock footage I really couldn't do what I wanted to do with this video and the final shape ended up becoming more of a commercially weeby multi anime video. Which is what I was kinda steering for to begin with, but just wish I had some different live action sequences that could have sealed it together just a tad better.

Разрешение: 1280x720@23.976fps
Формат: mp4

Скачать: Turbobit / Deposit

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